Svah Vighar
Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars, Compositions
Gdynia, Poland

"I've been discovering world of music since I was 5 - or at least since I remember (laugh). Thankfully my parents were listening to good music. I was raised on stuff like Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac and many others. Since I remember, music had special place in my life."

"I got my first instrument when I was 18 - that was a Yamaha electric guitar, and I quickly liked the expressiveness of it - suited me very well from the beginning. I found pleasure in playing some self-made 'loops'… and it started for good. I recorded first 'album' for my girlfriend's birthday around year 2001 (laugh)… Today I play on anything I can get access to - just for fun. I'm collecting instruments at home, already don't have place for more (laugh)."

"I never took a single music lesson from anyone. I can distinct Chineese from music notes, but nothing except that. I'm observer, follower of what's close for my senses. It's like looking for triggers to produce good shivers (laugh). I just felt that it's time to make some good use out of my 'gift' - that one I was born with. My family had solid music background and doing music was always something 'interesting' and somehow 'important' for me."

"In 2016 I paid a visit to a friends in Slovakia. One of them - Peter - showed me 'Amogh Symphony' as one 'worth listening to'… It was awesome obviously (laugh), and after traversing everything I could get online, I realised that Vishal has also one-man-band as 'Feathers of Jatinga'. I remember, that I recorded song per day from scratch including lyrics for that material. It was total madness - how natural and fast that process was! Soon I sent one of these songs to Vishal…"

"To be completely honest I thought Vishal will laugh at me, or ignore, or both (laugh). I sent Him first record - 'Unholy Forest'. But after He responded in 'the wow' attitude (laugh), we quickly decided to continue FoJ project together."

"A month later, we realised that material we have is completely different from what 'Feathers of Jatinga' was, and that what we're doing… is basically a new project. This is how 'Peura' has happened."

"A week later, we had 4 songs re-arranged by Vishal and recorded both - guitars and vocals for them. That was rapid recording week! (laugh)"

"I was sceptical when Vishal sent one of songs to Jake Linder - but the first time I heard what Jake recorded to the 'Red Notebook'… I was blown away. I instantly knew that 'we have exactly who we need'. I'm unbelievably lucky person. I can work with such talents!"

Thanks to Michał Lipski for huge financial support without which making this material wouldn't be even possible. Without Him, not only project wouldn't happen, but also I wouldn't be where I am. Thank you mate :)