The Whisperathology

Artwork for the "The Whisperathology" was made by Svah Vighar.

"The Whisperathology" L.P. will be released this year. Album contains 9 tracks, written by Svah Vighar in years 1999-2017.

Material arranged and produced by Vishal Jit Singh.


The Red Notebook

An artwork to the "Red Notebook" - by Chelsea Janelle Simpson, compiled and assembled by Vasiliy Kuznetsov and Fatum Black.

We'd also wish to thank to Andrey Sazonov for additional help with management and artwork! Thanks mate!

"The Red Notebook" was released: 7 May 2017. E.P. contains 4 tracks written by Svah Vighar in years 2011-2013, re-arranged from the ground up by Vishal Jit Singh